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Merlin/Uther fanfics

In the King’s Bed by anon (Mature, 1,200 words, canon era)
Summary: done for the prompt “Merlin/Uther - bottom!Uther and canon verse. I’d love a fic in which Merlin is the top and it not being non-con/dub-con but an Uther who is very much enjoying being fucked by Merlin.

The Diary of Merlin Emry by anon (Mature, 5500 words, modern era)
Summary: Done for the prompt "Merlin/Uther 6-year old Arthur HATES his new stepdad Merlin. I really want Arthur to warm up to Merlin in the end, not hate him for the rest of his life."
Notes: Adorable take on Uther and Merlin struggling to make their relationship work. Merlin has to deal with having an older boyfriend and becoming a step-dad of sorts, while Will & Sophia as background characters are awesome. Complete and light.

Stone Upon Stone, by isabear (PG, mentions of injury, 2,000 words, canon era)
Summary: magical semi-reveal h/c with a side of Arthur-related angst. In a cave.
Notes: Uther and Merlin get trapped together in a cave when trying to save Arthur. Where there are reveals, headwound, double riding on horses, awkwardness and comfort given.

Subject (to) by frostfire-17 (NC-17, dub-con, 5,000 words, canon era)
Summary: “He doesn’t hate Uther like Morgana does (he’s not remembering the look on her face). He has hated him, for hours or days at a time, but it never stands for longer than that; he thinks it runs into the reality of the king and falls flat, somehow.”

Close Quarters by marguerite_26 (PG-13, 1,000 words, canon era)
Summary: Uther and Merlin are locked in a wardrobe together by an evil sorceress. Madness and misunderstandings ensue.

Duty Bound by lolafeist (NC-17, non-con, bondage, choking, 300 words, canon era)
Summary: Uther is not a kind man. Uther is not an unkind lover.

Indulgence by new_kate (NC-17, dub-con, 3,000 words, canon era)
Summary: Uther likes sexy roleplay. (ends in Arthur/Merlin)

Keep Your Friends Close by winterstorrm (NC-17, 2,200 words, canon era)
Summary: To distract the king from his latest magical blunder, Merlin clumsily seduces Uther. He didn’t expect to succeed.

Keeping the Cold at Bay by planejane (NC-17, 1,700 words, canon era), creator  notes:  Merlin obliges all of the King’s requests with sufficient enthusiam, though you might call it dub-con at a squint. 
Summary:  Forced Bed-Sharing Fest - Merlin and Uther. It’s Merlin’s duty to keep the king warm when he has a chill 

Little Gifts by cat_77 (NC-17, dub-con, sexbending, 4,000 words, canon era)
Summary: Merlin believes he has found the perfect disguise, and maybe more. Uther believes he has found a willing companion, and maybe more.

3 continuous fills by anons (NC-17, dub-con, 3 stories, all canon era)
Summary: 3 different fills done for the prompt “Merlin is a complete virgin who has never been kissed and doesn’t even know how sex between two men works. Uther likes virgins. ” They can be read separate or together.

The Holly Is Dark When The Rose-Briar Blooms by eosrose (NC-17, non-con (once, not U/M), harassment by media, 4,500 words, modern au)
Summary: Modern!AU, Sometimes love demands sacrifices.

The King’s Trust by andraste_oz (NC-17, dub-con, (once, U/M) non-con, domestic violence, 18,000 words, canon era)
Summary: Instead of making Merlin Arthur’s manservant, Uther makes him his own personal concubine.

I Get So Low I Need A Pick-Me Up by pepperlandgirl4 (NC-17, dub-con, sex addiction, reference to suicide, reference to self harm, explicit and repeated domestic abuse, 56k words, canon era)
Summary: Arthur and Merlin don’t meet until after Merlin has married Arthur’s father, Uther. ends with Arthur/Merlin

Merlin/Uther fic by dracofidus (Mature, canon era, creator didn’t include any warnings, 1500 words)
FY!MU summary: Without Ygraine there was no-one to look after Uther, no-one to care for him. Merlin stepped forward but towards the cloak or the King he did not know.